Get Involved! (voluntary service)

Service is at the heart of what it is to follow Christ, and we believe there is nothing more rewarding in this life.

How can I serve God with Milamex?

Milamex has a number of great opportunities for foreigners, both short and long term positions (see chart below).

As is common with mission work, all positions are unpaid, and you will be required to raise your own financial support. If this is your first time considering mission work, don't be daunted by the prospect of raising your own support! If you place your application through one of our associated mission agencies (see below), you can get plenty of guidance about how to do this.

In the first instance, you can contact us to learn more about the positions being offered, but in general, we would ask that you place your application through one of our associated mission agencies:

There are many reasons why we request that you apply through one of these agencies. Primarily, they will help determine on our behalf if you are suitable for the position. But also, they are an invaluable resource in providing cultural orientation, finding accommodation, and serving as your safety-net to strengthen you with spiritual and moral support for the duration of you placement.

If you are interested in coming to work for Milamex, we would love to consider having you work with us! Contact us to find out more about a given position, or start with your application today through one of the mission agencies listed above.

If for special reasons (such as you're already an established missionary in Latin America), you would prefer to apply to Milamex directly, bypassing application through one of our partner mission agencies, contact us explaining your reasons, and we will consider your application on an independent basis. However, we may require that you meet other demonstrable criteria to be accepted.

Graphic Designer
Magazine Editor/Proof reader (for a family lifestyle magazine)
Events and courses co-ordinator
Evangelism assistant
Marketing Manager
Coordinator/promoter of a Christian daycare center
Coordinator/promoter of a retirement center
Coordinator/promoter of a counseling center
Other opportunities *

* The table above shows some of the vacancies that we would like to fill. However, if you are interested in serving with Milamex, but have another skill to offer, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Personal requirements

Though each job will require you to have the relevant knowledge and experience to carry out the position, here are some more general requirements that you must demonstrate:

  • A personal faith in Jesus Christ. Milamex has its own Statement of Faith, and you must agree with it as required by the mission agency through which you apply.
  • A good level of, or willingness to learn, Spanish. We accept varying levels of fluency depending on the type of work, and you will always have the opportunity to take lessons after you arrive. The more you know to start with, the easier it will be for you and all those involved.
  • Integrity. It is necessary for you to be self disciplined, a hard worker and have self initiative to honor the Lord through the work that is required of you to do, even when you are not being supervised.
  • A heart to serve. We are working to serve the Lord and glorify his name, not ours. We are a united team, where we help each other. This may mean that at times you may be called on to help out with things outside your normal area of work. You must be flexible.
  • The ability to enjoy cake. In and amongst our work, we never forget someone's birthday or pass up an occasion to celebrate. We are a family as much as we are servants, and you will be a part of that family, as much as the rest.

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